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Our heart is to multiply God’s mission by serving and equipping those on the front line. To do this, we have partnered with experienced practitioners to create a bunch of great courses, articles, podcasts and videos that you can make use of in your own context.

As you take a look around the site, you will find resources about church planting, cross-cultural mission, multisite church, leadership, theology, preaching and much more.

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Our Latest Course - The Challenges of Missional Leadership

The Challenges of Missional Leadership

Within this course, Colin Baron addresses the challenges and opportunities of Missional Leadership. Drawing from his years of personal experiences with leadership and church planting, Colin covers a range of topics on pace, faith, building a leadership team, how we build a healthy church and culture and more.

Colin Baron is a church planter with a gift for identifying and developing your leaders. He has recently retired from being the senior leader of Christ Church Manchester, England. Colin also travels widely to help senior leaders in a variety of settings develop and implement strategy for growth.

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MULTIPLANTING (by Colin Baron)

Many church leaders believe that the most effective way to fruitful kingdom ministry is by growing a large church, but what if this big church dream is actually inhibiting us from seeing the quantity and quality of impact that we long for? Over the last twenty-five years of ministry in Manchester, England, Colin Baron has been pioneering a different approach; planting smaller, inter-connected congregations throughout the city that operate together as one church. Strong enough together for each survive and thrive, and yet small and dispersed enough to penetrate into the region in a way that growing one big church would never be able to do. Multiplanting describes the journey Colin, and his team at Christ Church, have been on to fulfil a vision of multiplying church congregations across one region of northern England.

GLOBAL HUMILITY (by Andy McCullough)

The aspect that needs training, more than any other, in cross-cultural workers, is humility. Pride and mission are polar opposites. Pride pollutes mission but the mission of Christ is humble mission. How dare we turn up with all the answers when we don't even know what questions people are asking? This book should be useful, and provocative, for cross-cultural Christian workers and candidates, for those involved in multicultural cities in their own nations, for sending pastors, and for anyone whose ministry or Christian walk takes them across cultural divides. The book is made up of six sections: Moral Humility, (Thinking About Sin), Public Humility, (Thinking About the World), Semantic Humility, (Thinking About Language), Intercultural Humility, (Thinking About Differences), Incarnational Humility, (Thinking about Mission), and Theological Humility, (Thinking about Thinking).


David Devenish shares insights drawn from many years of personal experience in helping people break free from strongholds that have bound them. In this no-nonsense guide, he gives us effective strategies for spiritual warfare which include: Having a biblical model for understanding the enemy's strategies and dealing with them. Keeping a balance between the reality of Satan and the demonic realm, our responsibility for our actions, and the absolute sovereignty of God. Understanding that strongholds are wrong thinking, and learning to use Godly power to pull them down. Understanding our authority in Christ. Knowing our weapons and using them.


A unique book addressing the biblical requirement for apostles and their role in shaping todays church in fathering leaders and motivating mission. One of the sad factors of church life is that many pastors are lonely and their heart cry is for a fathering style of relationship, where they can be cared for pastorally, as well as mentored in the development of gifts and practical skills for their ministry.


The issue of leadership succession has become a particular challenge for many fresh movements of churches which started as a result of the faith step of a particular founder, and who are now having to move to the next generation of leadership, whilst maintaining the same demonstration of missional and charismatic life. Several of these new movements have already made the transition to next generation leadership; others are about to do so. Some have done so successfully; others have experienced a measure of conflict and division, but either way it is not an easy transition. David Devenish tells the story of how Newfrontiers tackled this challenge, and how they successfully transitioned to next generation leadership through multiplication of leadership teams rather than appointing a successor, while still maintaining ministry accountability. It sets out both practical lessons that could be used by other movements as they embark on a similar journey, as well as drawing on academic studies of movements within the Christian world.