7 Great Free Apps For Church Planters

Church planting is one of the most demanding tasks we can undertake. It involves playing the role of an all-rounder and juggling many different tasks. We have found the following apps invaluable in helping us get things done.

  1. Youversion

This Bible app is a must. It is easy to navigate, has loads of translations, manages reading plans for you and enables you to highlight and makes notes on verses you are studying.

  1. Remember the Milk

For people with lots to do, this to-do list manager will be a really useful way of staying organised. You can sort your tasks by category, due date, priority or location and it is super-easy to set up repeating tasks.

  1. Kindle

Most of us realise that reading is important for our growth, but often we struggle to find the time to read as much as we would like, particularly when we are church planting. The kindle app lets you download ebooks (most new releases have ebook versions and there are loads of good free or cheap old ones) so you can read on the go.

  1. Audible

Another way to keep up with your ‘reading’ is through audiobooks, allowing you to learn as you drive, exercise or whatever else you may be doing. Audible is an audiobook app from Amazon. The app is free, and when you sign up your first audiobook is free too.

  1. Newsify

If you are into blogs, newsify is great way to keep up with your favourites. You simply tell it which blogs you want to follow and it will let you know whenever there are new posts for you to read. Be sure to include the Broadcast blog on there!

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite brings all your social media into one place. You can manage up to 5 accounts for free, so if you have Facebook and Twitter accounts for yourself and your church you can manage them all through Hootsuite. It also allows you to schedule your posts in advance, helping you make social media work for your schedule.

  1. Evernote

This app is designed for you to manage information. You simply add notes and tag the notes so they are easily searchable. You can use it to curate your sermon illustrations, strategic ideas, notes from meetings, research about venues, prophetic words or any other type of information you want to store and organise. You can also clip articles straight from the internet into Evernote.

What other apps would you say are must-haves for church planters?