Building Big (Part 2) – Hearing From God with Terry Virgo

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How Did Terry Hear God?

  • As you meditate on the Scriptures, there are times when the presence is just on you and you know that God is speaking to you.
  • When God spoke to Terry it was really connected to the place – that God would bring him back to Brighton.
  • There was a key verse that God had given Terry about it.
  • You need some turf (‘land’) to work out what God has called you to.
  • The ultimate goal is all the earth being blessed – but on a personal level you need a bit of territory where you work out your bit of this.

From Blessing to Building

  • Terry was at a meeting with lots of prophets, but was disappointed because a lot of what was happening was silly.
  • He went to his room and God spoke to him from the verse ‘I have chosen you to build a house’.
  • This redirected him from being a guest speaker at celebrations to focus on the church.
  • ‘You can go many places and bless, but you can only go one place and build’.
  • He started building lots of house churches.
  • Got involved in a house church led by Nigel Ring.
  • Started building a different kind of church in the houses.
  • Then someone else did another in a different local town. Eventually it grew to about 8 house churches in the Sussex area.
  • Discipling was a new idea at the time.
  • At about this time in America came the shepherding movement, which grew huge but was way too tight and prescriptive. Eventually it broke up.
  • Jesus didn’t lock up an overly formulaic discipleship. He worked with a group and was empowering and releasing.