Building Big (Part 4) – Leaders and Teams

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Leaders and Teams

  • Teams do gather to leaders.
  • It happened with David and his Mighty Men – these guys weren’t pushovers.
  • It is the Holy Spirit that does it.
  • In the early days of Newfrontiers, Terry faced a lot of criticism – and it was hugely enriching to have a team of people whose hearts were there.
  • There should be nothing that can’t be said in a team meeting – disagreement in the room is good (it’s much better than agreement in the room followed by disagreement in the corridor afterwards).
  • You don’t want people to be treading on eggshells around you.
  • You want there to be firm friendships in the team.
  • When there is a central team who then take things out to other teams, everyone on that central team needs to be able to explain the decision that was made in the room.
  • Keep talking about it until you agree – even if that agreement eventually comes down to ‘you’re the leader of the team, and we will trust you’.
  • It is important not to let cynicism creep into the team.
  • Sometimes you need to make a call straight away, other times it is better to wait and pray.