Building Big (Part 6) – More Q&A with Terry Virgo

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How Can We Make the Most of People From Outside the Movement

  • Newfrontiers is not the whole church of God – and there are lots of great people from outside the movement to listen to.
  • In the early days on Newfrontiers, there was a very influential church planter in Bangkok – he spoke at the Brighton conference and made a call for church planters (which hadn’t happened before) – many of them were supernaturally given towns to go to.
  • It is good to realise where strengths lie in the different people we bring in.
  • We sometimes think that power is a reward for other things (such as Biblical correctness) – but this isn’t so – it’s a gift.
  • Some of the power centres are not necessarily the most prominent theological centres, but this doesn’t mean it’s not God.
  • We shouldn’t conclude from power that people must be right, nor from theological inaccuracy that the power isn’t from God.

How Do We Pass the Baton to New Leaders Without Losing the Original Passion?

  • We don’t live in perfect situations – if we are called to go we have to go.
  • We want the same passion, but you have to be obedient to what God calls even if the situation you leave behind doesn’t excite you.
  • Team is important.
  • Look for leadership (this doesn’t always coincide with a Bible teaching gift).
  • Knowing you have got someone’s heart is very important.
  • Loyalty is a big deal – often when you bring someone in from outside they will leave again if a better opportunity arises.