Building Big (Part 7) – Transitioning Leaders with Terry Virgo

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How Do You Recognise the Different Capacities of Different Leaders?

  • People change and their gifting can grow – sometimes people grow with the church.
  • Other times there are people who have the gift of starting from nothing, and other who can then take it over and have a capacity to grow it.
  • We tend to be too numbers-conscious rather than gift-conscious.
  • We should highly prize the gift of starting something and it can be better to invite people to do that again rather than getting stuck as it grows.
  • It is possible to prize small-church values in the wrong way in a growing church.
  • Some people are not built to make the jump to something bigger.
  • We should be open to people with specialist gifts being brought in from other spheres.

What Do You Think Are Big Church Values?

  • Being here for the city without losing the closeness of the church.
  • The church gathering is more than an evangelistic meeting – we do want to win the lost, but this isn’t the main reason that we gather.
  • We mainly gather to worship God and meet with him.
  • All sorts of things happen then we gather. The glory of God is at stake.
  • An over-pastoral emphasis can become too cosy.
  • We are not the only answer to God reaching the city – he is working through others too.
  • It is about being broader in your vision. Help people be disciples in the city.
  • Have a vision that gets into other worlds.
  • Team is very important.