Building Big (Part 8) – Getting Your Leadership Team Right with Terry Virgo

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What Do You Do When the Team is Too Big?

  • When Newfrontiers grew as a movement and he asked people to look after churches, Terry quickly gathered them into his team.
  • But the team got too big to have effective national and international oversight.
  • The people who were right to look after churches weren’t necessarily the right people to oversee national strategy.
  • He needed to cut back and appoint a smaller team.
  • Often when you bring in a lot of people early in a movement or in a church you can end up clogging things up with people who are not right for the role they are now in.
  • We shouldn’t think of more conservatively minded people as enemies. They are with you but you need to win them over and convince them that God is in it.
  • It is good to distinguish with people what we know, what is faith and what is risk.
  • In some churches trustees can have inordinate authority. When first invited, trustees should have a clear idea what their realm of authority is.
  • You want to have people’s hearts but you don’t want them to be ‘yes-men’.