Building Big (Part 9) – Faith and Risk with Terry Virgo

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What Is the Balance Between Having Faith and Being Aware of the Costs and Risks of Things?

  • It is good to have faith and also to have projections about exactly what things will involve or cost.
  • Longevity is a huge asset for you as you start to build trust in your track record.
  • One time Terry’s team made an error in working out the costs of something – he had to publicly own the mistake and apologise for it.
  • Sometimes we can think of faith as a danger area.
  • Faith is not fundamentally about risk – when David charged at Goliath he knew that he would win.
  • If you overstate that faith means risk, you can walk God’s people into danger.
  • There may be times of risk, but good leadership is not to lead the whole church into risk.
  • You can’t lead a movement with longeivity when you are calling it faith but knowing in your heart it is risky.
  • It is okay to leave a bit of risk around the edge if there is a core of faith.
  • God does confirm – he doesn’t leave you out on a limb.