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Have you ever felt stuck? Like you know where you want to be, but you can't quite figure out how to get there? Or maybe you feel like your progress is blocked by opposition or circumstance? 

Change management is a pivotal skill for leaders of all levels to develop and to go on developing. Over the coming months, Broadcast will be presenting a course of webinars called 'Change For Growth' where we delve into questions of how to manage change in different contexts. 

There were will be three tiered levels to this course: for church planters, for church leaders and for movement leaders. 


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Moving from a church plant to an established church is challenging, and many of the things that serve you well in the early days will become obstacles to further progress. 

Over five webinars, we explore some key areas of change:

  • Pace
  • Leadership
  • Community
  • Finance
  • Mindset

These webinars will be free and open to anybody, beginning on Thursday April 15th at 2pm.

Featuring Colin Baron plus guests.


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For many established churches it is easy to get stuck in a rut of doing what you always do. Change is needed for growth, but it is also both hard and costly. 

In these five sessions we dig into the process of leading change in your church:

  • Building momentum
  • Defining success
  • Overcoming blockers
  • Changing culture
  • Short-term wins

There will be a cap of 20 participants each time we run this course, to allow everyone the opportunity to participate and ask questions. The course will begin on Tuesday June 8th at 2pm.

Featuring Colin Baron plus guests.


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Leading change in a large movement of churches comes with unique challenges and requires subtle and skilful leadership. 

In these six sessions we look at some of the key dynamics of bringing change to a movement:

  • Emotional cost
  • Longevity
  • Appropriate wineskin
  • Broad 'buy-in'
  • Releasing the future
  • Redefining 'success'

These conversations will be invitation only. If you are currently a movement leader and would like to talk about how you can partner with Broadcast, please email us using the button below.

Featuring Colin Baron & David Devenish



Colin Baron



This last year has been a challenging and very revealing time as church leaders assess how their church model has coped navigating the repercussions of the global covid pandemic. The phrase “The New Normal” has become a popular term for how church leaders should view the near future, and with this comes an implicit, and often explicit, realisation that the way we “do church” will have to change.

With or without the provocation of a global pandemic, every leader, church and movement needs times of change to facilitate growth. These times of change can range from the major change that occurs when the senior leader hands over responsibility through to the minor changes in leadership and structure, that are needed on a more regular basis. 

Initiating, navigating and leading change is challenging at the best of times. Many well intentioned vision and plans for change do little more than maintaining the status quo and sometimes even set things back. This is also reflected in the business sector with less than 50% of companies growing after a major effort in change management according to the Harvard Business review.

I believe change can be navigated well, and I am excited for this series, where we will lean into some apostolic and church leaders who have successfully brought about change, and look at where it went well for them as well as where it went not so well.