Community on the Move

Jesus lived out his ministry in community.

Jesus sends us to pioneer and plant churches in community too.

The disciples were sent out in twos. Evangelism was a team pursuit. Jesus ensured that there was community on the move.

Paul planted churches with others alongside him.

In Romans, he describes many people as ‘fellow workers’ or ‘dear friends’.

Sadly, there are many who do not experience this community on the move as they pioneer. They would sum up their experience with other words instead.




Greg Livingstone says that a church planter should focus on three things: reaching the lostdiscipling believers and raising up elders.

These are crucial, but we should add one more to the list:

Building a community.

In the early stages of pioneering, the sending church and established network of relationships have a vital role to play for a pioneer.

Letters, Google hangouts and visits make a huge difference at this stage, and most new pioneers don’t need high powered strategy anywhere near as much as they need friends to share a meal with, to be prayed for and to be encouraged.

Why not think about one pioneer that you know, and surprise them with a call today?