Change For Growth (Movement Leaders)

Change management is a pivotal skill for leaders of all levels to develop and to go on developing. Over the coming months, Broadcast will be presenting a course of webinars called 'Change For Growth' where we delve into questions of how to manage change in different contexts. There were will be three tiered levels to this course: for church planters, for church leaders and for movement leaders. This is the course for movement leaders.

3 Lessons

In this course, Tim Simmonds is joined by experienced movement leaders David Devenish and Colin Baron.

They share their experiences of the handing over of movements from the founding fathers to a new generation while also bringing through next generation leaders at various points during the movement’s development. They cover a lot of ground including the emotional cost, longevity, having an appropriate wineskin, broad buy-in, releasing the future, redefining success and more. The course is made up of 3 sessions.