Good and Beautiful and Kind: Preaching Series

9 Lessons

This preaching series is based on the book ‘Good and Beautiful and Kind’ by Rich Villodas.

The book is subtitled ‘Becoming Whole in A Fractured World’ and is themed on spiritual formation, in the light of a world where we frequently see just the opposite of goodness, beauty and kindness. The book (and series) are split into three parts, each containing three ideas. To start with we look at how we got to where we are at now, and think about the nature of sin as a failure to love, the systemic effect of spiritual powers, and how the different traumas that we have experienced can shape us to wound or to heal. The second section looks at personal formation through contemplative prayer, humility, and calm presence. The final section then explores how we live this life out in public, through healthy conflict, real forgiveness and pursuing justice.

The sermons will be topical in nature and will draw on a variety of Bible passages to explore the themes in question.