Life In the Spirit: Preaching Series

8 Lessons

In Psalm 27, David writes that the ‘one thing’ he seeks above all others is to be in the house of the Lord, where he could be in God’s presence. In the New Testament, we are taught that the church is the house of God, in whom he dwells by the Spirit.

It is the presence of the Holy Spirit  that distinguishes the life of a Christian from everybody else, and his impact extends to every area of life. Christian maturity consists of increasingly living by the Spirit, depending on him in all things, hearing his voice and enjoying a life full of his presence.

In this preaching series, we look at what it means to live a life in the power and presence of the Spirit, using some of Paul’s phrases in Romans 8 as a starting point for what it is to walk by the Spirit, set our mind on things of the Spirit, fight sin by the Spirit, be led by the Spirit, understand our identity in the Spirit, hope in the Spirit and pray in the Spirit.

(Note – The message titles in this series were based on Kenneth Berding’s book ‘Walking in the Spirit’)