Pray with Jesus: Preaching Series

6 Lessons

There are not many occasions recorded in the gospels where the disciples of Jesus requested specific teaching from him. One time where this did happen is in Luke 11:1, where they asked him to teach them to pray. Clearly, those disciples saw something in the way Jesus approached his prayer life that they realised was lacking in their own and that they wanted to learn from.

Prayer is a topic that Jesus returned to numbers of times through his ministry. Some of the time he taught quite directly by instructing his disciples how they should approach prayer or suggesting what they should pray for. Other times he taught through stories and parables that likened prayer to making a request of some one in power. Other times still, he taught by example and offered a window into what his own prayer life was like so that his disciples (and us) can imitate what he did.

This series does not cover everything that Jesus taught about prayer, but it does pick out 5 key lessons that will help us to pray like Jesus.