Renewal for Revival

We live in strange times. For decades the church in the West has seemed to be in decline. The culture has experienced more upheaval in the last three years than it has at any time since WW2. The whole world is becoming connected like never before. They tell us that times like this are ripe for revival. So where is it?

5 Lessons

Renewal for Revival was a 24 hour hub where we tackled questions like, what is God doing right now in his church? How is he stirring our hearts and giving us a new hunger for him? Could it be that there is a renewal work that he wants to do in us that comes before the revival work he want do in the world?

You can now listen to the full content from the conference including sessions from all of our guest speakers.

Tom O’Toole – Director of The Broadcast Network and Leader at Christ Church Manchester

Rachel Gardner – Author and Leader at St Luke’s Church, Blackburn

Jeremy Simpkins – Team Leader of ChristCentral Churches

Sam Ward – Director of Ministry at Message Trust.