How to Live For God: Preaching Series on the Sermon on the Mount

13 Lessons

The Sermon on the Mount is the largest block of teaching from the mouth of Jesus that is recorded in any of the gospels and it is quite probably the greatest sermon ever preached. The scene is set in Matthew 5:1-2 where Jesus is teaching his disciples on a hillside in earshot of a crowd. Throughout the sermon, Jesus contrasts the life of a true disciple with what he was seeing from the religious authorities of his day. Rather than fake superficial religion for the sake of impressing others, Jesus shows what it looks look to love God and to truly live for him.

This preaching series works through the Sermon on the Mount bit by bit. Throughout the sermon it is important to emphasise that this teaching is not what someone must do to become a Christian, which is entirely by grace, but rather the life that he calls those who follow him to live.