Ten Life Changing Encounters With Jesus: Preaching Series

11 Lessons

A few years ago, a survey was done about who is considered to be the most influential person to have ever lived, and it will probably come as no surprise that in first place was Jesus Christ.

His historical impact has been unparalleled. Kings and rulers have pledged allegiance to him. Schools, universities and hospitals have been built in his name. He is worshipped across the whole earth and through the centuries. Time itself is split in two around his birth. Even more than this, his personal impact in unparalleled. Countless people have stories to tell about how their lives have been transformed by him.

One of those people is Matthew, and as a result of his encounter with Jesus he was led to write a book where he shared the stories of others who have had their own life-changing encounters with Jesus. In this series we will look at ten of those stories, and will invite our hearers to have their own life-changing encounters with Christ.