Developing People (Part 2)

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Moses Discipled Joshua to Serve

  • Moses took Joshua around the 4-point model of discipleship.
  • By the time Moses hands over to Joshua, the process hadn’t begun but was at an end. The preceding chapters shows how Moses was discipling Joshua.
  • True leadership is not about us building a church, but us building people, and therefore leaders are servers of the people.
  • Leaders are there to disciple people to become all that they can be.
  • Jesus did not come to be served but to serve.
  • If you have people with you who do not understand servant-heartedness, you cannot move beyond that season until they do.
  • Joshua was Moses’ aid, he was always looking for ways of serving him.

Moses Discipled Joshua to Experience the Presence of God

  • When Moses came out of the tent of God’s presence, Joshua remained inside longer. Joshua understood the presence of God.
  • The presence of God is an experience of God.
  • We cannot have leaders who do not know the presence of God, because it’s His presence that truly leads us.
  • We can be in church, and go through seasons of not knowing the presence of God, which is fine because we know we haven’t got it, and therefore, will pursue it.
  • If you haven’t got the presence of God at church and don’t know that you don’t have it, church and discipleship simply become religion.

Moses Discipled Joshua to have Faith

  • Faith is the substance of the not yet. Faith was sown into Joshua.
  • Joshua was sent to the land to assess it, and some said it wasn’t possible and yet some said it was more than possible for Israel with their God to overtake it.
  • Joshua was a man of faith.
  • Emerging leaders need to lean on God for their faith, not other leaders.

Moses Discipled Joshua to Fight His Own Battles

  • Moses sent Joshua to lead the battle against the Amalekites in Exodus 17. Whenever Moses would hold his hand up, Israel prevailed, and when he would lower his hand their enemy prevailed.
  • The victory belonged to God. But actually, Moses also had the victory because of his anointing. But Moses said that the battle was Joshua’s victory.
  • We have to allow our emerging leaders to fight their own battles, which is a safer risk than complete abandonment.
  • We can rescue our leaders too quickly because we can be too pastoral.
  • There are things emerging leaders ought to learn whilst being in a relatively safe place, before being released into leadership. One day Joshua was going to be on his own.