Do Whatever He Tells You (with Mike Pilavachi)

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Do Whatever He Tells You

  • When the wedding in Cana had ran out of wine, Mary mentioned it to Jesus and said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you”.
  • We are not only to do what Jesus tells us when it makes sense – obedience means doing it whether or not it makes sense.
  • The servants had to put this into practice very quickly – as he told them to fill up the stone jars with water.
  • The miracle happened in the place of their obedience.

Tell Me to Come

  • In Matthew 14, Jesus made the disciples get into the boat.
  • Sometimes the Lord deliberately sends us into the storm. It is in the storm where we can experience the greatest intimacy with him and where we can see the miracles happen.
  • Often we don’t recognise Jesus. Reasons for this can include fear and disappointment.
  • When Jesus told them not to be afraid, he literally used the phrase ‘I am’.
  • As well as the seven ‘I am’ sayings in John, there are also seven more occurrences of ‘I am’ hidden in the Greek text.

Faith is Obedience

  • We could read this as though Jesus was telling Peter off for his great failure.
  • This wasn’t Peter’s failure – he gets out of the boat and walks towards Jesus as he calls (Do whatever he tells you).
  • As he goes he does take his eyes off Jesus and starts to sink but he calls out to Jesus immediately and Jesus saves him.
  • Faith isn’t about having no wobbles, faith is obedience – obedience is God’s love language.
  • Anointing rides on obedience.

Honour My Spirit

  • Mike sensed God challenge him to honour the Spirit.
  • This isn’t just a phrase to use  – it means obeying whatever he says.
  • Err on the side of obedience.
  • Don’t put it through the grid of ‘does it make sense?’ – We always want to revert to safe.