Faith For Other People

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Faith for Other People

  • Not the same as faith in other people – only God himself is a grounds for faith.
  • Faith in God for what he will do in and through that person.
  • Not a replacement for that person’s own faith – but may help spark that faith.
  • We should have faith for everybody in our plants.

Faith for Young People

  • Paul had faith for Timothy, who was young – he referred to him as ‘my child’ and told him not to let others look down on him because of his youth’.
  • Paul trusted Timothy – he was a key part of the team and represented him in many cities.
  • Lots of churches value young people, but there can be a gap when it comes to giving them opportunities like Timothy had.
  • Christ Church Manchester talk about a ‘Have a Go’ culture and a ‘Low Bar of Leadership’– both of which mean lots of young people take significant roles.
  • There is also a High Bar of leadership to help, coach and develop people.
  • This is the same approach that Jesus had with the twelve.

Faith for People Who Have Stuffed It Up

  • When somebody has tried and it didn’t go to plan, they can often be overlooked for future opportunities.
  • The disciples messed up over and over again but Jesus still had faith for them.
  • Christ Church Manchester also has a ‘Second Chance’ culture.
  • Tom tried to plant a church. It didn’t quite work but now he is planting another one.
  • When people have been out of church for a while, it doesn’t mean the door to leadership is closed when they return (though that is not number one priority).
  • John Mark had stuffed it up, and Barnabas had faith for him.

Faith for Older People

  • Older people are often overlooked in church planting.
  • Some of the best church planters are older.
  • Abraham and Moses were both old as they played their part in God’s plans.
  • It is a mistake to manage older people out of involvement.
  • ​The best is yet to come.