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About Global Humility

The aspect that needs training, more than any other, in cross-cultural workers, is humility. Pride and mission are polar opposites. Pride pollutes mission but the mission of Christ is humble mission. How dare we turn up with all the answers when we don't even know what questions people are asking?

This book should be useful, and provocative, for cross-cultural Christian workers and candidates, for those involved in multicultural cities in their own nations, for sending pastors, and for anyone whose ministry or Christian walk takes them across cultural divides.

The book is made up of six sections: Moral Humility, (Thinking About Sin), Public Humility, (Thinking About the World), Semantic Humility, (Thinking About Language), Intercultural Humility, (Thinking About Differences), Incarnational Humility, (Thinking about Mission), and Theological Humility, (Thinking about Thinking).

What People Are Saying

Immediately arresting, Andy's book is at once provocative, stimulating, eyeopening, game-changing, theologically rich and scholarly, but earthed in hands-on experience. Even to one who may not be called to cross-cultural mission, the call to humility in our walk and witness demands a response

Terry Virgo - Founder of Newfrontiers network and author of several books, including God's Lavish Grace and Does the Future Have a Church?

Don't let the title - Global Humility: Attitudes for Mission - set you back. This book is masterful in its approach, is rich and clear by use of biblical and contemporary examples and not least, is crafted by a superb writer. Andy McCullough takes up a stringed instrument, plays an ear-catching melody, all the while by logic, metaphor and Bible story, and strums a surrounding cadence of striking importance. Humility, not your usual fare, is given its core place in the forming of Christian character. This I recommend with enthusiasm, and hopefully with some humility. After all, it is what he writes that calls me to listen to, and replicate, this eternal note.

Brian C. Stiller - Global Ambassador, The World Evangelical Alliance

Please do read Andy McCullough's book Global Humility if you are interested in learning from the global Church, care for the the marginalised in society or are passionate about world mission and want to understand life from the perspective of a genuine biblical world view. Andy is a good friend of mine and someone I have seen to develop a genuine ability to relate to other cultures with humility, to learn their language and to gain insights from Scripture that many of us have missed. I am happy to commend Global Humility.

David Devenish - Leader, Newfrontiers Together, and author of Demolishing Strongholds, What on Earth is the Church For? and Fathering Leaders, Motivating Mission.

This may be a future classic of how faith goes global and what it will look like. Few things have I read by 'missiologists' that excite me - this is the exception - because he gets the world and approaches it as a humble student, not an authoritative religious colonial expert. This is an incredibly rich book - I'm saving the manuscript to think deeply over.

Dr Bob Roberts - Founding and Senior Pastor, Northwood Church, Keller, Texas and author of several books, including Bold as Love and Lessons from the East

Few things are more important in global mission than a comprehensive vision of humility, and there are few people I would rather read on it than Andy McCullough. With a wealth of insight from Scripture, sociology, history, missiology and personal experience, he sheds light on all sorts of areas we need to be aware of and, more importantly, what to do about it. If it was in my power, I would make this required reading for anyone involved in cross-cultural mission.

Dr Andrew Wilson - Teaching Pastor, King's Church London, columnist for Christianity Today and author of several books

The idea of humility is a helpful starting point for considering mission as the process of entering into another's world on the other's terms. The chapters in this book offer snapshots on a range of issues clustered around perspectives on humility. Selected portions of the Bible and cultural examples allow a smörgåsbord of different slants on missional issues. Although the author adopts a low-key, colloquial style, he draws on a wide range of sources and authors who are familiar with the complexity and challenges of mission in the modern world, and through them offers insights on the practicalities of mission.

Dr Warren Beattie - MA Programme Leader at All Nations Christian College, Ware, UK, and author of Ministry Across Cultures: Sharing Christian Faith in Asia

Every time I have heard Andy speak I have been provoked by his breadth of learning both from scholars and the people that he has sought to reach in many different missional contexts. In truth, as he has reached them he has opened his heart to allow them to reach him. This reality sets this book apart. You will glean not just ivory-tower theory but the very real experiences of a man, a family, that has lived and breathed what it means to love and serve people from other cultures in the name of Jesus. Andy's love for people and for God's world shines out through these pages and I know that you will gain much from taking the time to read, study and absorb all that he has to offer here. 

Simon Holley - Senior Leader, King's Arms Church and Catalyst Network