I Want a Massive Book Deal!

So the issue had been forced and God had answered some prayers!

What followed was a year of trying to sell the house, finding a job, having another baby and then being offered a job with Christ Church Manchester.

We lost our house buyer right before we were due to move. Thankfully, some friends stepped up and bought our house!

That year of waiting and trying to move was brilliant. Honestly, it was the best thing that could have happened. We calmed down, grew the family, and enjoyed being part of the church in Birmingham.

My mind cleared and I was ready to move.

Before I get any further into this story, I want to explain why I am writing it.

As I sit here in 2013 we have a church. Strictly speaking, it’s one of the sites of CCM. We planted a site of CCM out of a CCM site in Gorton. Make sense? Of course it does.

I want to blog the story of CCM:City for a few reasons –

1. I want to remember and record the lessonsvictories and failures for myself.

2. Blogging and reflecting gets the creative part of my brain pumping.

3. I think I have some things to say about church planting.

4. I want a massive book deal. (Literary agents can contact my lawyer)

I promise that I will be honest about the things we did well, the things we did badly (free vodka as a promotion strategy?) and my own personal journey.

On that note, let’s hit July 2009.