A divine mandate: the theology of working with those who are poor

How does God view poverty and those who are poor? What does he say in his word about our relationship with those who are poor? In his talk, A Divine Mandate: a theology of working with the poor, David Adams addresses these questions and many more. Having served with his wife Herma for over 20 years on the pastoral team of the Jubilee Church Cape Town, David has years of experience of working in a context of significant poverty, injustice and need. As he walks us through the scriptures, we get a vibrant picture of a God who has a particular heart of care and concern for those on the margins and who exhorts us, his people, to act and advocate with and for them. 

David quotes from Tim Keller’s book Generous Justice: ‘…But here, In Israel’s rival vision, it is the orphan, the widow and the stranger with whom Yahweh takes his stand. His power is exercised in history for their empowerment. So, from ancient times, the God of the Bible stood out from the gods of all other religions as a God on the side of the powerless, and of justice for the poor.’ 

David emphasises that no matter what our socio-economic and cultural background, we are all equal in our need for God’s grace. ‘It’s this humble acknowledgement of our poverty, our desperate need before God, that contributes to a foundational solidarity that’s so important when working with those who are poor….It’s this heart attitude that helps bridge the distance between us and the unreached, across the many cultural and socio-economic barriers that we’ll encounter.’

As we watch this video, let’s ask God to speak to us through his word; to give us fresh perspective and vision and to show us how to apply what we learn.

Recommended Reading:

Generous Justice: How God’s Grace Makes us Just 

Author: Tim Keller

Publisher: Dutton November 2010

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