Be Like Jesus

The path of discipleship can be summed up in three simple instructions: be with Jesus, become like Jesus and do what Jesus did. The previous sermon in this series looked at how we can be with Jesus through abiding in the vine. This message moves on to thinking about how we can become like Jesus, and it does so by considering a series of short parables and illustrations that Jesus taught in Luke’s gospel.

Bible Text: Luke 6:39-49

You Need Help: The first parable is a slightly slapstick of image of one blind man attempting to lead another and both falling into a pit. The point is to emphasise our need for help. On our own, we are spiritually blind, and many of the places we might look for help in this world are equally blind. Jesus speaks of the need to be fully trained, and we should see the path of discipleship as a training program where we increasingly become like Jesus as we spend time with him and follow his ways.

Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Lane: The second parable also takes the form of a comedy image, with somebody noticing a speck in their brother’s eye whilst remaining oblivious to a log in their own eye. It can be easy when thinking about discipleship and becoming like Jesus to see the areas where somebody else needs to grow but remaining oblivious to our own areas of immaturity. In this picture Jesus is encouraging us to pay more attention to where we are falling short ourselves, which will then position us to more clearly help others.

Deal With The Heart: The third parable is about trees, and it highlights that the fruit that a tree produces is determined by what kind of tree it is. In a similar way, the good or evil things that we do come from our heart. What this parable shows is that becoming a disciple of Jesus is not merely about trying to change our outward actions but goes way deeper to a transformed heart.

Put It Into Practice: The final parable is of two men who build houses on different foundations. When the storm comes it is the house on the rock that stands. Jesus explains that this represents the person who takes actions based on his teaching. The path of discipleship is about more than merely consuming Christian content, but is rather about putting into practice the things that Jesus taught.