Build a Legacy That Will Outlast You

The Big Idea

The output of our lives is not just what we can experience or do ourselves. What we leave for those that come after us is significant. We should think about what legacy we can leave in place that will advance God’s kingdom when we are gone.

Bible Passage

1 Chronicles 17:1-4, 11-12; 22:6-11; 29:1-9

What’s Happening?

David’s desire to build a temple was good. He knew that Israel was now established in the land and people (including himself) had built homes and lives for themselves. It no longer seemed appropriate for the temporary tabernacle to suffice as the meeting place with God ,and so David wanted to create a permanent temple.

After David expressed this desire to Nathan the prophet, Nathan received a word from God. Because he had been in so many wars, David would not be the man to build the temple. Rather, that would fall to David’s son. David did not complain about this but embraced what God had said and made sure his son Solomon was equipped with all that he needed to succeed in the task.

The first thing that David handed on was vision. It might never have occurred to Solomon to build the temple had David not mentioned it, but it turned into the crowning achievement of Solomon’s reign. David had caught a glimpse of what could be accomplished with God, had listened to God’s voice and then blessed the generation following him with the vision of the temple.

Secondly, David handed on opportunity. He was not the type of leader who did everything himself, instead he released those coming after him to have a go at things that mattered. Once Solomon had grown old enough to understand, David shared the story of how God had spoken to him and invited Solomon into that story. He blessed him to be the one who moved things forward and commissioned him into the task.

Thirdly, David handed on resources. He had provided many of the supplies needed for the project. He crafted parts of gold, silver, bronze and iron, provided wooden fittings and lots of precious gems for the settings. He also gave a large sum of money out of his personal account and called upon other leaders in the nation to join in the giving campaign and provide for the project as well. In doing so, he made sure Solomon had everything that he needed and was well equipped for the task that he had handed on to him.

The temple was built and finished by Solomon, and the glory of the Lord descended upon it. Though David was not the one to build it with his own hands, it was through the vision he had seen, the opportunity he had created and resources he had provided that this came to be. David built a legacy that outlasted him.

Taking It to Jesus

Most of Jesus’ earthly ministry was spent with twelve disciples. Through this time they went to the towns and villages of Israel preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing the sick, the very thing he would then commission them to do on a global scale. Jesus handed them the vision for the task, gave them opportunities to step out and have a go, and gave them the Holy Spirit to ensure they were fully equipped for their mission!

Potential Applications:

  • Pick up the baton. Others have gone before and have left vision, opportunity and resources for you to build God’s kingdom.
  • Pass on the baton. Think about those coming after you. What vision, opportunities and resources can you pass on to those coming after you to build God’s kingdom?