Christ Alone

John 14:1-7

One of the most crucial foundational claims of Christianity is the exclusivity of Christ. Jesus is not just one way among many, but the only way for us to brought into relationship with the Father. It is wrong to suggest that different religious ideas are alternate paths to the same goal. Salvation is found in Christ alone.

Jesus Is The Only Way – Jesus teaches here that he is preparing a place for us in the Father’s house and that he is the ‘way’. If we want to be saved then it can only be through Christ. No good deeds or religious system can atone for our sin, only the cross can do that. Jesus is very clear that nobody can come to the Father except through him.

Jesus Is the Truth – Whilst there is a limited amount of basic information about God that can be gleaned from creation (see Rom. 1:20), if we want to know what God is truly like then Jesus is the only one who can show us. As the Son he is the exact image of the Father and so he can show God in a way that no man-made religion or philosophy ever could.

Jesus Is the Life – The wages of sin are death, and because sin has entered the world we all die. Jesus calls himself the life because through his death, he has conquered death and through his resurrection he gives eternal life – both a new quality of life in relationships with God now (see John 17:3) and also to participate in the resurrection to come and enjoy everlasting life with him in the new creation.


Respond by worshipping the one who is the only way through a selection of Christ-centred songs.