Communication and Conversation

Lesson Materials

Questions for Reflection


1) If ‘love your neighbour’ is taken as the guiding principle behind artistic creation, how would this affect how someone goes about their artistic practice in terms of:


    1. The artworks the create?
    2. The people they create them with?
    3. Their interaction with their audiences?


2) Can art be made to communicate a message without becoming propaganda? Does this present us with any difficulties?


Artwork to consider: Same Love by Macklemore (music video)


3) How can we encourage artists (and other Christians) to engage in a healthy and humble conversation with their culture?


4) How can we raise up more artists like Lakwena in our churches?


Artwork to consider: Lakwena Maciver- Back in the Air: A meditation on higher ground


In this video, we look to deepen our understanding of art. Building on the last session, it is important to understand that art is about communication but it is also about conversation.