Jesus Is… Shaker of the Earth

Hebrews 12:18-29

The reality of what Christians have come to is immense, and this passage paints a picture of this reality by way of contrast with the old covenant. What they experienced back then was not insignificant. Fire, darkness, a storm and trumpet sound accompanied the presence of the Lord when he met Moses on the mountain. Moses was trembling with terror, and there was no other person or animal that could set foot on the mountain at all.

What we have been brought to is even greater. It is the true heavenly city of God, gathered with the angels and the saints and God himself, with Jesus the mediator of a better covenant. Everything in the Old Testament was a shadow pointing to this reality.

In light of this we should take care how we respond to God. The recipients of this letter faced cultural pressure to back off from the profession of their faith, but the author reminds them that if even those who refused the earthly warning did not escape, how much more those who refuse the heavenly warning. The earth was shaken back then, but this time it will be the very heavens.

For believers who do keep the faith, there is nothing to worry about in this shaking. The kingdom we have been brought into is a kingdom that can never be shaken. We have solid ground to stand on, and therefore we can offer acceptable worship to God with awe and reverence.

Some Key Points:

  • What we have been brought to in Christ is a spiritual reality far beyond what was experienced by Moses when he met God on the mountain in the Old Testament.
  • We should take care not to refuse God. He will shake the heavens and there will be no escape if we reject his voice.
  • We have been given an unshakeable kingdom.

Potential Applications:

  • Worship with Reverence and Awe – The reality of what we have in God is immense and astounding. We should rightly offer awe-filled worship to him.
  • Do Not Refuse His Voice – The purpose of the passage is to urge the readers not to refuse God’s voice. We should take the warning seriously and ensure that we do respond to what God is saying.