Learn From Jesus

As a disciple follows Jesus, they grow. That is what this preaching series is about. The path of discipleship involves being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus and doing the things that Jesus did. In order to help the disciples grow, there were three things that Jesus gave them: proximity, teaching and opportunity. A previous sermon has looked at proximity to Jesus by abiding in the vine, and a future sermon will look at how Jesus gave his disciples the opportunity to step out and have a go. This sermon will focus on learning from Jesus.

Bible Texts: Matthew 11:29, Matthew 4:23-5:2, 2 Timothy 3:14-17

“Learn From Me”: Jesus’ invitation in Matthew 11 to all who are heavy laden to come to him and rest is a well known Scripture. The invitation is to take Jesus’ yoke and to learn from him. The journey of discipleship includes both finding rest in Jesus and receiving his teachings. Growth in knowledge and enjoyment of the presence of Jesus should not be set in opposition to each other but should both be seen as integral to discipleship.

“He Taught Them”: Through the gospels, lots of Jesus’ teachings are recorded. The Sermon on the Mount is the longest consecutive block of teaching that we have and the Kingdom of heaven was theme he returned to many times. This could be a good opportunity to highlight some of the threads running through Jesus’ teaching and encourage people to devote themselves to learning from Jesus’ teaching in the gospels.

All Scripture Is God-Breathed: As Paul gives guidance to Timothy for his discipleship journey, the place he directs him is Scripture. He points out that Timothy already has familiarity with the scriptures and now urges him to continue in them, explaining the powerful impact the Scripture has. As we think about learning as part of our discipleship this is a great moment to challenge people to get stuck into the Bible: read, study, meditate, memorise, share.