Priscilla & Aquila

Key Bible Verses

Acts 18:1-3, 18, 26

Who Were They?

Priscilla and Aquila were a married couple who Paul considered to be important co-workers in the Gospel. We are introduced to them in Acts 18 where Paul stayed at their house in Corinth and we are told that like Paul they were tentmakers by trade. As the chapter goes on we see them joining Paul on his missionary journey, and coaching Apollos .

How Did the Spirit Work In Them?

1. Hospitality

When Paul arrived in Corinth he was on his own and it was a while before his team arrived. Paul made contact with Priscilla and Aquila (likely through work connections). They opened their home to him and allowed him to stay. Their house became the base of operations in the early stages of the Corinth church plant. The way we use our homes and welcome others in show something of the Spirit at work in our lives.

2. Global Mission

Though they had a home and a life in Corinth, Priscilla and Aquila left it behind to join Paul in the next leg of his ministry journey. Paul eventually left them behind to oversee the work in Ephesus. They were flexible and available and ready to go wherever they could be best used for the kingdom of God.

3. Coaching 

While they were in Ephesus, Apollos showed up and preached passionately, though his missed some important truths. Priscilla and Aquila handled this moment well. They did not humiliate Apollos with a public rebuke, nor did they let the error go unchallenged, but they privately took him aside and coached him. Spirit-filled people combine a passion for the truth of God to be accurately taught with a gentleness in working with people and helping raise them up in using their gifts.