The Glory of God Alone

Romans 11:33-36

In the final of our foundational truths in this series, we look at how it is God alone that gets the glory. This flows naturally from the other statements about salvation – it is a gift from God, and the gift comes through simple faith rather than our own efforts. It is only through God’s son and cannot be attained any other way. It is revealed only in God’s word and not by our own clever ideas or philosophies. From start to last it is from God and so all the credit goes to him.

Understanding Salvation Leads to Praise – The verses in this passage are known as a doxology – that is, an exclamation of praise to God. They come at the end of 11 chapters of deep theological reflection on the gospel that shows that all have sinned and that for all there is salvation available by grace, through faith because of the finished work of Christ on the cross (i.e. the other truths explored in the series). Having spoken at length about these things, Paul cannot help but express his praise to God. This is the right response to understanding these truths!

Only God Deserves The Glory – These verses highlight the things that God has done in our salvation and they show that there is no other that can claim these things. God alone deserves the glory for them. Speaking of his wisdom and knowledge, it points out that none can search the depths of his ways. Speaking of his sovereign freedom it highlights that nobody has given him a gifts to be repaid. Speaking of creation and salvation it highlights that everything is through him and to him.

We Glorify God Through How We Live- This passage is followed with an encouragements to present our bodies to God as living sacrifices (Rom 12:1). We cannot glorify God just through words if the way we live doesn’t match. The appropriate response to what God has done for us is a life that is lived to bring him glory.


Respond by giving God glory through singing his praises.