The Living God Wins

2 Kings 6:8-23

This passage is about a supernatural victory won by God in a time of war. The Syrian king wanted to wage war against Israel, and he found his plans thwarted by Elisha, who was able to supernaturally reveal to Israel’s king where the Syrians would be and so they were able to dodge the attacks.

Eventually, the Syrian king realised what was happening and he sent an army to surround the city in which Elisha was located, with the objective of capturing him. As Elisha and his servant looked out at the Syrian force, they saw a mighty army full of horses and chariots that completely encircled the city.

This sight made the servant scared, but Elisha had a different perspective on the situation. He prayed that the eyes of the servant may be opened to the spiritual reality, and the servant was shown a heavenly army full of horses and chariots of fire surrounding the Syrians.

Elisha prayed again and asked for blindness to come on the enemy army. He led them away from the city to Samaria and then their eyes were opened again. Elisha instructed the king of Israel not to kill the enemy soldiers but to treat them humanely and let them go. He did so, and they did not raid Israel any more.

This passage illustrates some key principles of how God is victorious in situations today. Firstly, God often providentially guides us so that the problems that may arise do not come upon us at all. Secondly, when the problem is upon is, there is a spiritual reality that we may be blind to that significantly shifts the balance of power. And thirdly, God can miraculously provide solutions to situations that might otherwise seem impossible.

Some Key Points:

  • God is supreme and his might is greater than any human power or army.
  • It is a mistake to view situations in only earthly terms. There is a spiritual reality that makes a big difference to things.
  • God’s heart is not to do harm even to enemies, but to treat them with love and kindness.

Potential Applications:

  • Listen to God’s Guidance – As God spoke to the king of Israel through Elisha, allowing him to avoid the enemy’s attacks, so God leads and guides us and we would do well to heed his voice.
  • Seek a Spiritual Perspective – Even when the odds seem stacked against us in earthly situations, we should pray for God to give us eyes to see what he is doing and how this transforms the situation.
  • Pray for God’s Victory – Elisha boldly prayed for God to make the enemy blind and then again to restore their sight. He asked for what was needed for victory and God granted the prayer. We should be confident too in asking God for what we need for victory.