The Pierced One

Zechariah 12:10-13:1

This passage is part of on oracle from the Word of the Lord to Zechariah promising salvation for Israel. In these verses there is a very specific promise that is fulfilled in Christ that God himself would be pierced and that through this a fountain would open to cleanse the people from all their sin and iniquity.

A Plea For Grace – The passage begins with God pouring out a spirit of grace and pleas for mercy on his people. Both come from a people at the end of themselves and needing favour from outside themselves. As we realise our sin and our inability to save ourselves then all that is left is to cry out to God for his grace and mercy. The fascinating thing here is that is is God that gives them the longing for grace. Even the recognition of our need is a gift from him!

The Pierced One – The prophecy then speaks of one who the people have pierced who they will mourn over. In verse 10, God calls this character ‘me’. God himself will be suffer and pierced by his people, and will die for those who caused this mourning. This sounds incomprehensible, but through Christ we see it fulfilled. God himself became flesh and was literally pierced by the nails through his hands and feet as he suffered and was crucified at the hands of his people.

The Open Fountain – In the first verse of chapter 13, we see the effect of God being pierced by his people. It is likened to a fountain being opened that would cleanse the people of their sin and uncleanness. Because of the death of Jesus on the cross there is full cleansing for all our sin. He bore that sin, took the punishment that we deserve and gives us his perfect righteousness in its place.

Possible Applications

  • Receive Salvation – Jesus was pierced that we might be forgiven and cleansed of all sin. This is a great opportunity to invite people to put their trust in Jesus for the first time and be saved.
  • Understand Our Sin Is Cleansed – Even after becoming a Christian, many can live with a sense of shame and guilt around their sin. This passage shows clearly how through the fountain that is opened, our sin is utterly cleansed.
  • Spread the News – This news of salvation is great news. As we meet people who are mourning and crying out for grace and mercy we have hope to share with them because Christ was pierced for us.