The Stars and the Angels

One of the often-overlooked details in the story of the first Christmas is how much encouragement from God it took in order for the magi and the shepherds to turn up at the stable. It is not that they were reluctant, it just wasn’t on their radar. This sermon explores what it took to get them there and why this was so important.

First, the magi. These men were astrologers and would look for messages in the stars. In this instance, God entered into this way of looking at the world and rearranged the stars in the sky so that a particular star would be in a particular place at a particular moment in time. All to bring these men and their worship to the baby in the manger.

Similarly, the shepherds. These were worldy-wise men up on the hillside, and in this case it took a whole of angels sent from heaven to move these men out of their everyday concerns and turn their eye to the saviour.

The one who came into the world at Christmas is a big enough deal for God to deploy the stars and the angels to get people’s attention. He is worth our attention as well!