Unto Us a Child Is Born…

Isaiah 9:2-7

This sermon is about one of the great Old Testament prophecies that prefigured the coming of Jesus. In the prediction Isaiah highlights a number of important points.

In verse 6 there is the direct statement that a child is born and a son is given. This was fulfilled in Christ. The verse draws out four titles that this child will have:

  • Wonderful Counselor – In Christ there is perfect wisdom and his counsel is always correct. Whatever we are going through, we can come to Christ and his word to us is exactly what we need.
  • Mighty God – Jesus was no ordinary human child, but was also divine. In him the fullness of God dwelled. He was both fully God and fully man.
  • Eternal Father – This is not using the word ‘Father’ in it’s Trinitarian sense, but describing Christ’s character as having a Father-like quality. He cares for us, protects us and provides for us just as a good father does.
  • Prince of Peace – Christ is the one who brings peace. Through his death on the cross he gives us peace with God, and also brings down the walls of division that exist in human relationships.

In verse 7 we are also told about his authority to rule. He is the promised heir of David who will reign eternally. His reign will be just and righteous, and will never stop increasing.

Verse 2 announces that this good news of this promised king is a light to those in darkness and is a source of joy. We have seen God fulfil this word and know the joy that comes with understanding who Christ is and what he has done.