Qualities of a Church Planter: A Thick Skin

Have you ever had people round to your house for a meal, only to never see them again?

You may be a church planter.

Has it happened to you multiple times in the same week?

You’re definitely a church planter.

Have you ever poured your heart into preparing a meeting, only for 3 people to show up?

You may be a church planter.

Have you ever been told that your town doesn’t need more churches? (It’s not like many people are far from God or anything)

You may be a church planter.

Have you ever been told that compared to the big church down the road, your preaching, your worship music, your kids ministry, your everything else sucks?

You’re probably a church planter.

Discouragement is part of the gig, and if you take it to heart it will kill you.

To survive and to thrive as a church planter, you need skin as thick as a warthog.

Have you ever realised that whatever people say, and however discouraging it gets, you will do it anyway because God is in it?

Then you’re a cracking church planter.