Qualities of a Church Planter: Devotion

Not many people want to be in second place.

A good church planter does.

It’s called devotion.

It means Jesus is first and we are second.

It is crucial, not only for church planters but for any Christian.

When you are planting a church, the rivers of devotion must run deep.

You must be able to dig the wells yourself.

You are not in an environment where you are being spoon-fed teaching regularly.

You do most of the preaching.

You probably lead the home group too (and there’s probably only one).

There aren’t many people around to ask you how your devotional life is going.

There is a lot to do.

It’s easy to rationalise a wilting prayer life.

What your people need first and foremost is a person of God.

Spend time in his presence.

Worship him in everything, but put time aside to adore him.

Sing to him.

Pray to him.

Enjoy him.

Find diamonds in his word.

Your church plant will be better for it.