The Five ‘W’s of Church Planting


Planting new churches brings the presence of the Gospel into new communities.

We want to see people reached from all nations, tribes and sub-cultures. It is not enough to wait for this to happen before we think about establishing churches to gather the people into.

If we don’t plant the churches, then we probably won’t see it happen. Not on our watch anyway.

We need to be intentional about it.

Plant the churches that can be the mission bases to reach the people.

Plant the churches that can pray and act to see the kingdom of God come to earth.

Plant the churches that can provide true community in a broken world.

Plant the churches that can magnify Jesus, to the glory of the Father.


Gather a few believers.

Meet together. Eat togetherPray together.

Set out with an intention of making a stir for Jesus in your community.

See people added to your number.

Disciple them.

Establish leaders.

Send people out.

Let the process start again.


Definitely unreached places.

Anywhere with opportunity to advance the gospel.

See what God says to you and do that.

If he doesn’t say anything, pick somewhere and have a go. He will redirect you if he wants to.

(Think about Paul and the Macedonian man).

Look for a person of peace.

If you don’t find one, try somewhere else.


Now is good.

Most people err on the side of waiting too long rather than going too soon.

Work it through with your leaders and apostles.

Let a spirit of boldness and adventure permeate.


Why not you?