Recommended Further Reading and Reflection Questions

Reflection Questions

Below are some questions to consider and discuss with your church leader or mentor:

  1. If someone asked you to explain the biblical basis for mission, do you think you’d be able to? What would be the key themes, bible passages or stories that you’d mention?
  2. What was the most significant thing that you learnt in this module and why?
  3. Are there further questions that this module raises or that you want to explore?
  4. Is there anything that you need to do as a next step to apply this?

Recommended Reading

There are many different books that could be recommended to further explore the topics in this module, however we wanted to suggest two ‘must-reads’.

  • John Piper (2010) Let the Nations be Glad (3rd Edition). Baker Academic.

This book gives an excellent biblical foundation to world mission and a clear call for people to go.

  • Andy McCullough (2017) Global Humility: Attitudes for Mission. Malcolm Down Publishing.

This book is less focused on the why of cross cultural mission, but on how a follower of Jesus is to enter a new culture with the gospel.