How Much Can Be Done Without the Spirit?

Have you ever wondered how much can be done without the Holy Spirit? The answer is more than you would expect.

It is fascinating to read an account of the church in Acts 1, before the Spirit is poured out at Pentecost. There is much to commend that church for. There seems to be a vibrant community and commitment to meeting together. There is devotion to prayer and there is Biblical preaching. They appoint qualified leaders to have authority amongst them.

Much of what we see in the Acts 1 church is recognisable in our churches today. Perhaps if we were looking for a new church, and found one like the church in Acts 1, we would be tempted to join.

The Acts 2 church is a completely different story. There is awe and wonder. There is not a single needy person amongst them. There is miraculous power and thousands of souls are saved. All heaven is let loose on the streets of Jerusalem.

The church today has the Spirit of God. Perhaps it is time we challenged our perception of what normal church life is like.