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As well as sending out teams and planters to start brand new church plants, a lot of churches are also now planting new sites of their church, and it is common for churches to describe themselves as 'One Church in X Locations'. In other words they are becoming multisite churches. With this comes big opportunities. The pace of planting has rapidly increased as sites have been pioneered. The channels of support for those leading the work are much more developed, and the ownership is shared. At the same time there are big challenges. What things should be held centrally and what should be devolved to the sites? How do you develop systems for leadership, teaching, finance and other areas of church life?  In this course we explore some of these questions to help equip you for your multisite journey. 

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Multiplanting Book


Multiplanting is a book birthed out of a quarter of a century of ministry.

In the early nineties, God stirred Colin Baron with a dream of planting not just one but twenty churches in and around Manchester that could reach into every part of the city. Whilst many church leaders take it as given that the most effective way to fruitful kingdom ministry is by growing a large church, Colin started to wonder whether this big church dream could actually be inhibiting us from seeing the quantity and quality of impact that we long for.

Over the last twenty-five years of ministry in Manchester, he has been pioneering a different approach; planting smaller, interconnected congregations throughout the city that operate together as one church. Strong enough together for each to survive and thrive, and yet small and dispersed enough to have a kind of reach that he would never have been able to have if he had stayed in one place and grown big.

We call this approach 'multiplanting'. This book tells you the story of that journey.

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