The Problem With Telling the Truth

In Numbers 13, a group of 12 spies are given a mission to infiltrate an enemy land.

The mission parameters are very precise.

They are to bring back some fruit and answer a list of specific questions:

What kind of land is it?

Are the inhabitants strong or weak?

Is it densely populated?

Is the land of high quality?

Are the cities fortified?

Is it rich or poor?

Are there any trees.

The spies return. They bring fruit and hand in the results of their survey, providing truthful answers to each question. The land flows with milk and honey and the quality is high. The inhabitants are strong and many. The cities are fortified. The fruit demonstrates that yes, there are trees.

They completed the mission they were given to the letter.

They spoke the truth.

But ten of the spies were condemned.


Because they didn’t tell the whole truth.

They answered questions but forgot promises.

They had accurate observations but lacked faith.

They saw big people but forgot a bigger God.

There will always be challenges ahead. It is easy to justify speaking a negative report by saying, ‘I am just telling the truth’.

If you’re going to tell the truth, tell the whole truth.

The whole truth ALWAYS involves God.