What Is a Promise Worth?

Captain Robert Campbell was a British solider in the First World War, who was captured in Northern France in August 1914. For the next two years, Captain Campbell was a prisoner of war at a camp in Magdeburg in North East Germany.

In November 1916, word reached Captain Campbell that his mother was dying and that if he didn’t see her soon, he may not get another opportunity. Obviously, this would be difficult given his status as a prisoner of war.

In desperation, he wrote to Kaiser Wilhelm to explain his predicament. He asked the Kaiser to release him so that he could see his mother.

Remarkably, the German leader agreed and let him go to see his mother in Kent, as long as he promised to return within two weeks.

So Captain Campbell left the POW camp, returned to England and spent a week with his mother. He then returned to his captivity in Germany.


Because he had promised.

One promise from one mortal man carried enough weight to cause Captain Campbell to return to captivity, and to persuade the German Kaiser to release an enemy prisoner.

How much more weight can be given to a promise from the Almighty God.

What promises has God given you?