Giant Slaying Is Easier Than It Looks

David and Goliath is not the story of an underdog overcoming impossible odds.

Everybody knew David was going to win.

Or at least they should have done.

David was stepping out on promises of God.

He was standing on land that God had given to his people.

Goliath was defying that God.

David was stepping out with the presence of God.

His battle cry was all about how God was with him and would bring him victory.

Goliath was stepping out with a young boy holding his shield.

David was stepping out in the power of God.

With him was the God who made worlds and destroyed armies.

Goliath was stepping out with a big sword.

Who would you put your money on?

There was an underdog in the fight.

It wasn’t David.

When you have God’s promises, God’s presence and God’s power, how can you lose?

Now, go kill some giants.